High Point Service: Website Creation

Whether your current business website just isn’t serving your customer needs anymore or you’re looking to get into the online world for the first time, a solid website is a huge component of any marketing campaign. But having a website isn’t just a one-step process. There are a handful of components that make websites either good or incredible, based on your budget and how you plan to integrate your site into your marketing strategy.

Website Design

Smart graphic design is key to most marketing mediums, but especially your website. If your site isn’t visually interesting or intriguing enough, people won’t want to stay.

Site Functionality & Strategy

All business websites require a different level of functionality, based on their products or services. Some websites only need a few, simple pages that are all text. But other websites incorporate community calendars where users can submit content, or the ability to purchase products online. What your website should be able to do depends on your overall online strategy.

Content Creation

Blogging or offering a ‘Recent News’ section on your website is a great way to educate potential customers on your industry while creating some content you can share on social media. Plus if your website is too bare and there’s nothing to look at or read, there’s no reason for people to stay on your site. If you’re ready to beef up your current website with relevant, local content, we can help you strategize and write.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making changes to your website’s layout, content, meta settings, links and more so that search engines are able to “read” your website better. And when search engines better understand what information your website offers, they’re be more likely to show your website as a search engine result when potential customers are Googling information that’s relevant to your business.

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