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When you say “social media,” most people immediately think of Facebook. Not only does Facebook have the largest user base of any other social media platform (by a long shot), but Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool that allows businesses to interact with their customers and potential customers on a very personal level, via both organic and paid reach. When done right, your company’s Alaska Facebook account has a huge role in customer service and support, online branding and promoting your website, sharing special offers and events, and being overall connected to the community that you serve via a convenient platform that your customers have already integrated into their everyday lives.


While G+ (or Google Plus) might not be an influential social tool for every business, it can be significant for the right businesses. While it might seem obvious that Google+ is a Google product, depending on your integrated marketing online strategy and target audience, Google+ could be the right platform for your product or service to earn the exposure it deserves.


Marketing and advertising have become increasingly visual, and our industry is evolving from a telling our audiences about what makes a business unique to showing our audiences what makes a business unique. For the right product and target demographics, video can be a cornerstone campaign piece.


The communication channels nowadays that connect us to the world are instant, and things are happening faster than ever. Twitter is the perfect platform for businesses that are ready to join the conversation and start moving just as fast as their audience does.


Sometimes you don’t need 140-characters, because a stunning photograph is worth a thousand words. Instagram is a hyper-visual social media platform that strips the text and focuses on what matters most to its unique audience: images. Many great brand stories can be captured and shared inside of a picture.


For those of us who move so fast it feels like our heads struggle to retain everything we hear, see and read, Pinterest is a godsend. This social media platform lets users save, or “pin,” creative ideas so we can go back and reference them later. Pinterest users love to consume and share high-quality content – which is perfect for visual brands that are up for the challenge of creating pin-worthy videos, recipes and ideas.

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