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Alaska is an extremely diverse state and our population centers are geographically spread out, meaning media placement here is a whole different bear. Efficiently buying advertising in Alaska requires strategies unlike any other place in the country.


In markets outside of Alaska, TV is generally too expensive for most businesses to even think about incorporating it into their marketing mix. Television in Alaska, on the other hand, is a great and affordable way to efficiently reach a statewide market. We have long-term relationships with TV stations in Alaska, and we specialize in effectively buying statewide television advertising to reach your target demographics. We can help your business earn great impressions around Alaska.


Whether you’re buying :60-second, :30-second, :15-second or sponsorship bumper ads, radio advertising is another cost-effective way to reach Alaskans from coasts to the interior. We can help you strategize, write the ad copy, produce your radio ad audio file and buy placements at a smart cost per listener.

Social Media

Considering how many Alaskans are on Facebook every single day, advertising on social media (like Facebook ads) has massive potential for in-state impressions. And Facebook ads let you get ultra-targeted, so you’re not wasting media dollars advertising to anyone outside of your target geographic area, gender, or age group.

Google AdWords

Even though SEO and other website optimizations are a great long-term strategy to drive qualified new traffic to your website, if you want immediate traffic, you can buy your way to the top of Google search results. Google AdWords search ads can be a smart layer in your marketing mix for both impressions and clicks.

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube isn’t just a strong platform for sharing video content with friends and subscribers – it’s also a good way to have your company’s video content reach a targeted audience. Video and video ads on YouTube allow your business to tell its full brand story without set time constraints.


Whoever said that print advertising is dead just isn’t doing it right. From city newspapers to high school community yearbook sponsorships, in Alaska, there are hundreds of print advertising opportunities that can help you make an impact, coupled with the right design strategy. You just need to know which ones are right for your business and budget. That’s where we can help.

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